With over thirty five years of experience in marketing, business development and venture capital, Ex Machina Financial drills down into your vision. Providing forecasting, budgeting and financial resources, our professionals can deliver on today's business needs and your future growth.


Decisions are made on benefits and NOT features. In an environment of push button products with instant consumer gratification Ex Machina assists its clients in clarifying a project’s market focus and establishes the components and sequence of steps needed for success.


A Project budget's success is a web of interdependent factors that must render the proper solution for profitability without the sacrifice of quality, marketability and the cost of long term maintenance costs. We take a holistic view of each client’s needs, aesthetic desires and the future outcome of today’s decisions.


The thirty thousand foot view… hard to see details… implications of enter related components of a project. We build models that consider our past experience we bring to a project, the current technologies available today and where construction techniques and material science is headed in the future. It’s NOT just about the numbers but what they represent.

Capital Acquisition

Having experience in projects large and small we can evaluate the basic and exotic in the calculus of your project and bring creative financing concepts developed over years of experience to the table.

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