Providing consulting services to the construction industry, Ex Machina Advisors can guide your project to success. With support services in both residential and light commercial restoration our group of professionals have a broad range of expertise in creating contemporary design and material sciences to draw upon and create your dream home or office.

New Home or Renovation

Your home is a statement, a reflection of both you and your position. We have discovered that the personality of an older home speaks more to the client's wants and needs in cases but the space is dated and less than functional. Moving structural walls, adding on or a full tear down and starting over all are within the scope of our designers and architects' talents.

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Architectural History is Intrinsic 

A building is like an elderly member of your family, both to its owner and the community in which it exists. Each has a history, personality and a spirit which in many cases was built by methods that today are antiquated and out of step. Preservation and replication with today's construction techniques and materials can be successfully married together, keeping your structure around for the next hundred years or more.

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World Class Kitchen Designs

INNOVATION best describes our designer's vision for their clients. Always seeking new ways to employ new materials, color and construction techniques, Ex Machina creates unique and ergonomic kitchens in steel, wood, stone, tile and glass. Coupled with the latest in appliances, each meal's preparation can be both a work of art and the relaxing experience in the joy of cooking.

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Relaxing Bathroom Designs

PEACEFUL TRANQUILITY abounds in each bathroom we design. Incorporation low maintenance techniques we create your special place to retreat from the world for those precious few minutes each day. Integrating glass, tile and fixturing each lavatory, shower and tub provides for your own functional and personal oasis.

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